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The Little Beam Foundation is a charity designed to support children and young adults (3-18yrs) struggling with Mental Health Issues by providing access and grants to gain effective support through:
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Why we need your support

One in four of us will experience a mental health problem throughout our lives. Whether that’s you, your parent, sibling, best friend or co-worker.In the UK today, an estimated five children in every classroom of 30 has a mental health problem.

A quarter of 17-year-old girls have self-harmed in the last year while suicide remains the single biggest killer of boys and young men.

Current waiting times for Children and Young Adults accessing CAMHS are estimated at 2 years and therefore, providing support and access routes to alternative support for mental health is paramount.

This is where you come in!

Every single penny that you help to raise REALLY DOES make a difference.

1 in 6 children aged five to 16 were identified as having a probable mental health problem in July 2020.

50% of all mental health problems start by the age of 14

17 to 22-year-old women are the group most at risk of developing a mental health problem

52% of 17 to 23-year-olds have experienced a deterioration in mental health in the last five years

Less than 1 in 3 young people with a mental health condition get access to NHS care and treatment.

In the last three years, the likelihood of young people having a mental health problem has increased by 50%.

80% of young people with mental health needs agree that the Covid-19 pandemic has made their mental health worse.


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