Our Story

LITTLE BEAM - relates to the BEAM of light that SHINES BRIGHT within us. Many of us may have faced times whereby our own inner beam of light has been diminished, darkened, or felt broken. Even with the toughest of steps, the LITTLE BEAM within us is the one that helps us to keep moving forwards - with courage -  whilst being surrounded by the love and support of others and their light beams. 

The LITTLE BEAM FOUNDATION hopes to SHINE BEAMS OF LIGHT in all directions in support of others with their mental health.

Kerry and Tracey

From a very young age, Directors of Little Beam Ltd, Kerry Hearsey and Tracey Lawrence, both struggled with Mental Health and found themselves navigating a lonely place of stigma, misunderstanding and longing for support. 

It was through this passion of helping and supporting others that the Little Beam Foundation was born as a way to provide children and young adults with access to support through Art, Education, Health, Play, Sport and Music – a way to escape the mind whilst seeking and waiting upon the medical care that can often be delayed. ​

At the age of 18, Kerry was diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder. Having been through various medical channels, waiting for help and guidance, the struggle became too much with extreme suicidal thoughts and implications. Having been hospitalised twice in a psychiatric unit in the high-risk unit and receiving crisis care team support around the clock, Kerry experienced first hand the difficulties faced when seeking help and support to feel better.

The worst part was that I knew that I had been misdiagnosed. Now, nearly 20 years on and having taken it upon myself to study my self-development, seek personal therapy, complete my own therapeutic training, and just immerse myself in studying psychology, behaviour, life coaching, emotion, and therapies, I can totally understand the WHY behind the misdiagnosis, BUT it didn’t help me back when I needed it.

The Little Beam Foundation came about because I truly felt, at different points throughout that journey, that these areas helped me to get through life at a time that I really did not want to live. My hope is that if we help just one child or one young adult feel slightly different, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, that people can and do get better, and that they can go one more day, or get out of bed, or wash themselves, or connect with someone – it will be worth it.

Art, Music, Sport, Play, Education, and Health are all different access points, different portals to getting better – a little step. You never know, it may help someone to open up, it may bring joy to their life, it may bring freedom to a child-carer, it may bring hope back that was a little lost – any step is a HUGE step to someone with mental health issues – hopefully, Little Beam Foundation can help support that step.
- Kerry Hearsey

Our Vision & Values

The Little Beam Foundation is focussed on supporting all children and young adults struggling with their mental health to access various options of support. This support aims to enrich their life, encourage their communication around mental health and to build a strong foundation of self-belief, self-compassion, and courage.

How do we do this?

We do this through access to our grant scheme.

Our grants are as a result of collaborations with individuals, teams and businesses.

We are driven by a passion for togetherness. We know that, if we work together, locally, nationally and globally then we can overcome all barriers.

Based on a mutual respect, Little Beam Foundation are committed to tearing down barriers to support individuals to access the most appropriate support. 






Our Aims

Our aims are simple:

To provide grants for children and young adults to gain effective mental health support.

To have a purpose-built Wellbeing Centre to provide regular, appropriate mental health support for children and young adults. 

September 2019

Trustees are currently completing paperwork to submit to the Charities Commission whereby a charity registration number will be provided.

A picture of a fountain pen resting on quality paper

4th December 2020

Charities Commission supports documentation and Charity is registered with the Commission number 1192658

A picture of the Little Beam Foundation Charity status certificate from the Charity Commission

Quarter One 2021

Currently seeking Bank and Financial Accountancy support. Due to Covid restrictions, all progress on hold

A picture of the COVID virus

Quarter One 2022

Bank Account received and first fundraising event “quiz night” organised.

2 children doing a quiz

October 2022

Create a purpose-built website for the foundation including marketing links and access points for individuals.·

 A laptop computer

Future Aims

Individuals to submit applications for funding to receive support towards Art, Music, Sport, Play, Education, and Health.·

Events will be held to raise funds for the foundation.·

Fundraising pages to be established in preparation for donations.·

Funding to create a purpose-built Charity Venue to support local businesses, and provide workshops, support and education.

A crowd of charity runners

Support us

Should you wish to know more about Little Beam Foundation and to support the group at this early stage, please contact us via info@littlebeamfoundation.com